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Address entity in CRM 2011

Below are few useful points about “Address“ in CRM

  • In CRM, “Account” and “Contact” entities have built-in fields to capture two sets of addresses.
    • These fields are address1_street1, address1_city, address1_stateorprovince, etc., as well as another whole set for address2 fields.
    • We normally assume that 2 default set of address fields have been added on the account/contact entity.
    • But this not really the case. All addresses are only stored in the “Customer Address” entity.
  • When you create a new account/contact, it would by default in the background add 2 records in the “Customer Address” entity for the 2 set of address fields available on the Account form.
    • CRM distinguishes these entries from the rest of the entries to be displayed in More addresses using the Address number column.
    • Address number 1 and 2 are reserved for the 2 set of address fields available on the account form.
Customer Address

Customer Address

  • Along with these 2 sets, we also have “More Addresses” link on the both Account\Contact navigation area
  • The first two Address records that the platform creates are hidden in the “More Addresses” associated view on the Account or Contact
  • Addresses are not available on Security Roles
  • You cannot update the Address record via workflow

Security Over Address :-

  • The security access to the Address entity is tied directly with that of “Account”entity.
    • e.g. For the Contact entity, the user will only be able to see the “More Addresses” in the left nav only if the user has “Read” access to the Account entity.
    • If you want to allow the user to “Add New Address” on the Contact form,
      • Grant “Create” and “Append” access for Account entity and “Append To” access on the Contact entity.
      • Granting “Write” access to Account entity will allow the user to edit the Addresses.


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