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Access Denied Error – Case Reactivation

Recently we deployed a solution on Customer environment and few users complained of getting ‘Access Denied’ error message while trying to ‘Reactivate’ a resolved case.

Access Denied - Case Reactivation

Access Denied – Case Reactivation

Issue was intermittent and we were unable to reproduce in our Development environment.

After spending some time, we identified ‘Access Denied’ coming up only for Cases resolved by a set of Users.


  • CRM creates a new ‘Case Resolution’ activity upon ‘Case Resolve’ with Status ‘Completed’.
  • Upon ‘Case Reactivation’ it updates the existing ‘Case Resolution’ activity Status to ‘Canceled’.
Case Resolution Activity

Case Resolution Activity

  • Coming back to my scenario,
    • Our Security model, had BU level ‘Write’ access on ‘Activity’.
    • When ‘Case’ resolved by a ‘U1’ from Business Unite ‘BU1’, system created ‘Case Resolution’ activity with owner as ‘U1’.
    • When ‘U2’ from BU2, tries to ‘Reactivate Case’, system actually try to update status of ‘Case Resolution’ activity created by U1 of ‘BU1’.
    • Since Users only had BU level ‘Write’ access on Activity, U2 cannot update ‘Case Resolution’ activity, hence he got ‘Access Denied’ exception.


  • Elevated ‘Write’ access on ‘Activity’ from ‘BU’ to ‘Parent BU’


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