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Custom Help Pages – CRM 2015

Before CRM 2015 to get custom help pages, the only way is running unsupported PowerShell commands.

With CRM 2015, CRM administrators can configure Custom help pages for entire organization or for specific customizable entities.

Organization Level Custom Help

  • Go Settings -> Administration -> System Settings
  • Provide URL of the web page you want to configure as below
Custom Help - System Settings

Custom Help – System Settings

  • Append Parameters to URL
    • By enabling this, in the opened Help page along with URL you get below parameters
      • entrypoint – Valid values include form, hierarchychart, and formid. The formid parameter refers to the GUID of the form or hierarchy chart that help was opened from.
      • typename – schema name of the entities form where Help opened (Only available when you open Help from entity form)
      • userlcid – Logged in users language code.
Help Button - Account Form

Help Button – Account Form

Help Page with Parameters

Help Page with Parameters

Entity Level Custom Help

  • We can configure individual help pages for customizable entities.
Custom Help - Entity Level

Custom Help – Entity Level


  • If custom help is turned off, the default help content will be displayed
  • Custom Help is not available currently for Tablet

Refer this video from CRM Team.


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