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Passing data between web resources CRM 2013

Assume you have 2 HTML web resources on your CRM form and you want to pass data from 1 resource to another, below are the steps. In my example I have 2 HTML pages with a Textbox and Button.  

Form with 2 Webresources

Form with 2 Webresources

On Button click, I am reading the value from current HTML page Textbox and setting in to other HTML resource. Below is the script on button click event.

               // Get the other web resource using ‘Parent.Xrm’ var otherResource = parent.Xrm.Page.ui.controls.get(‘{Webresource_SchemaName}‘).getObject().contentWindow; // Get the Text box control from other resource var txtBoxOtherResource = otherResource.document.getElementById(“txtPage2”).value; // Set the value to the Text box control txtBoxOtherResource.value = document.getElementById(‘txtPage1’).value;

Note : To get schema name of a webresource,

  • Open the Customizations form
  • Double click on the web resource and get it as mentioned below
Webresource Schema Name

Webresource Schema Name


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