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Microsoft Teams and PowerApps – Project Oakdale

Project Oakdale, a new built-in low-code data platform for Teams that provides enterprise relational datastores with rich data types to Teams users, is now in public preview.

Solutions built with Power Platform can be easily published to the Teams app store and can be used off the shelf or customized for specific needs.

Lets see how to embed a Power app in Teams.

  • Connect to Office 365 portal and check if you have ‘Teams’ enabled.
  • If no Teams available, go to Teams site and sign in with Office 365 credentials.
  • Go to Teams and click on Apps->Power Apps and click ‘Add’.
  • A ‘Power Apps’ tab adds to the Teams.
  • From ‘Power Apps’ , either create a new App by clicking ‘Create an app’ or pick any of the readily available apps.
  • Once you choose existing App, select a Team’s Channel where this App needs to be available. I chose ‘Hello World’ team’s ‘General’ channel.
  • App takes few minutes to complete the setup.
  • Grant the required permissions.
  • App loads as below and ready to be used.


  • Project Oakdale environments are automatically created for the selected team when you create a Power app in Teams for the first time or install a Power Apps app from the app catalog. See About the Project Oakdale environment.


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