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PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals – Prep Notes

There was an ask form a Power Platform beginner in my blog about the preparation for the PL-900 exam.

As I attained the certification recently, I am going to share the topics I covered for my preparation in this article.

***This article is strictly for guidance purpose and by no means I intend to post the questions from the exam***

Areas I covered during my preparation:

  • Power Platform Environments
    • Types of Environments
    • Use of Default Environment
    • Built-in Roles – Admin Role, Maker Role
  • Canvas Apps vs Model Driven Apps
    • Understand that ‘Model Driven Apps’ can only consume CDS data.
    • You need Canvas app for other types of data.
  • Data Connectors
    • Tabular data and Functional-based data connectors
  • Power Automate Flow
    • How you post CDS data to SAP/Saleforce/etc
    • Integrate Flow with Canvas and Model Driven Apps.
    • How to test the Flow.
  • Power Apps Portals
    • Understand the basics of Web Page, Web Role, Web Templates.
  • AI Builder
    • Understand what you can achieve with the 4 models.


  • Power BI
    • Power BI Desktop vs Power BI Service : What can and can’t be done with each.
    • Data Modeling.
    • How to create and share Dashboards.

If any further questions or need guidance feel free to leave a comment.



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