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Configure CafeX Live Assist on Dynamics Portals

In this article, I am going to detail the steps to configure ‘Live Assist’ on ‘Dynamics Portals’.

Those who are not familiar with CafeX Live Assist, Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Powered by CaféX is a fully integrated omnichannel (i.e., across mobile and web) solution. It provides Chat, Co-browse features.

Note: As we are going to configure ‘Live Assist’ on Dynamics Portals, make sure you have enabled Dynamics 365 portal solution on your Dynamics 365 instance.

To start with, enable the ‘Live Assist’ solution on your Dynamics 365 online instance.

Enable ‘Live Assist’ solution in Dynamics 365 instance:

You can start your ‘Live Assist’ free trail from ‘App Source’

Live Assist - Set up

  • Complete the suggested steps which installs the ‘Live Assist’ solution in your Dynamics 365 Instance.
  • Once you followed the steps, give it few minutes and you should see ‘Live Assist for Dynamics 365’ solution with ‘Installed’ status.

Live Assist - Set up 2

  • Open your Dynamics 365 instance and you should see the ‘CafeX’ tool bar.

Live Assist - CRM

Enable ‘Live Assist’ on Dynamics Portal:

In ‘Live Assist’ scenario, your Dynamics Portal acts as Visitor site and Dynamics 365 works as receiver (i.e., Agent) site, which means, Portal users initiate the chat which will be addressed by CRM User.

Below are the 2 steps to configure Chat window on your Dynamics Portals which allows your Portals User to initiate the chat.

  1. Copy the chat widget script from CafeX site:
  • Check your email inbox for Cafex confirmation mail with CafeX website URL.

Live Assist - Set up email

  • Navigate to the URL and click on ‘GET STARTED’ tab
  • Click ‘COPY’ button to copy the chat widget script.

Live Assist Prtl - 22. Configure Portal Web Template:

  • Go to Dynamics 365 and open the ‘Header’ web template.
  • Paste the widget script you copied in earlier steps.

Live Assist - Header Template

  • Save the Web Template.

We are done with configurations and it’s time to test the Chat.

‘Live Assist’ Usage steps:

  • Open the Dynamics Portal URL and you should see a “Live Chat” button floating.

Live Assist Portal - 1

  • Click the button and start the Chat.

Live Assist Portal - 2

  • Message from Portal will be instantly delivered to CRM Agent.
    • Note: CRM Agent ‘Live Assist’ Status must be ‘Available

Live Assist - 1


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