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Organization Insights – Dynamics 365

What if your customer ask you to provide a report on the No of Active Users,Licenses, Most used entities etc. The answer is “Organization Insights” solution.

Organization Insights for Dynamics 365 (online) provides usage metrics for your Dynamics 365 organization, and tools to help you track and monitor the performance and support issues.

Steps to download and install:

  • Open the browser and login to your Dynamics 365 instance
  • Download the “Organization Insights” solution by click here

Organization Insights 1


Organization Insights 2

  • Click “Agree” and you will be redirected to Dynamics 365 Admin Center “Manage Solutions” page.

Organization Insights 3

  • Give it sometime to get the solution installed
  • After the solution installation navigate to your application (Settings -> Organization Insights)

Organization Insights 4

Organization insights provide below information once you installed:

Organization Insights 5

  • Active Usage Dashboard
    • Provide the details of
      • No of Dynamics 365 users
      • No of licenses are in use
      • List of custom entities that are used most frequently
    • Data in Dashboard updates every hour
  • System Jobs Dashboard
    • Will help us to monitor and troubleshoot workflows
    • Data in Dashboard updates every hour
  • Plug-ins Dashboard 
    • Will help us to monitor and troubleshoot plug-ins
    • Data in Dashboard updates every hour
  • Storage Dashboard
    • Provides a look at storage used by your tenant and instances
    • Data in Dashboard updates every day

Organization Insights - Data Storage

  • API Call Statics Dashboard
    • Will help us to to monitor and troubleshoot API calls.
    • Useful if you have any 3rd party system pull or push the data in to CRM.
    • Data in Dashboard updates every hour

Organization Insights 6

  • Mailbox Usage Dashboard
    • Will help us to monitor email mailbox usage like No of mail boxes, Active email server profiles etc.
  • Download Dashboard
    • Allow us to download the data selected for the date range in an Excel spreadsheet.
    • It provide details like: Most Used OOB and Custom Entities, Most Active Users Performing Operations (i.e., Retrieve/Retrieve Multiple/CRUD operations)

OData Support:

  • Organization Insights supports retrieving chart data through the Web API.

Refer below article for more info:



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