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Separating alphabets and digits from Alphanumeric string– C#

We got a requirement to separate alphabets and digits from alphanumeric string as groups.

Let’s say my alphanumeric string is “Hel00Wor11DD” and I need to get

  • Alphabet group as “Hel,Wor,DD
  •  Digit group as “00,11”.

Below is the C# code which use Regular expressions and achieve the same

var digitGroup = newList<string>();

var alphabetGroup = newList<string>();

Match regexMatch = null;

string myString = “Hel00Wor11DD”;

while (myString.Length > 0){

if ((regexMatch = Regex.Match(myString, “\\d”)).Success){

// If myString is not starting with digit

if (regexMatch.Index > 0) {

alphabetGroup.Add(myString.Substring(0, regexMatch.Index));


// If myString is starting with digits but has subsequent alphabets

elseif ((regexMatch = Regex.Match(myString, “\\D”)).Success) {

digitGroup.Add(myString.Substring(0, regexMatch.Index));


// If myString only has digits, no more alphabets



// No more alphabets



myString = myString.Substring(regexMatch.Index);


// There are no digits in myString



// No more digits




When you run above code, you would get Alphabets & Digits separated as Lists.


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