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CRM 2013 new form lay out and Notes control

In CRM 2013 when you create a new entity and open ‘Main’ Customization form, it looks as below

Default CRM 2013 Layout

Default CRM 2013 Layout

It’s not how CRM 2011 form looks. In CRM 2011, you get separate ‘General’ and ‘Notes’ tabs

How to get back CRM 2013 form like CRM 2011 with separate General and Notes tabs

  • Double click ‘General’ tab and select ‘tab layout’ as ‘One column’
  • You get a warning as mentioned in below screen
Tab-One column

Tab-One column

  • Now you will get only ‘General’ tab and lose the ‘Notes‘ tab from the form.
  • So, to get back ‘Notes’ tab back
  • Add a new ‘One Column’ tab and select the tab
  • From the ribbon choose ‘Notes’ control
Notes Control

Notes Control

  • Now the ‘Notes’ tab will be back on the form
Form with Notes Control

Form with Notes Control

  • Now the end user form looks below
Offer Form

Offer Form

Notes Control

  • In CRM 2013, we can define the way how Notes, Activity Feeds and Activities are displayed on the form.
  • These three elements are now combined into a single control.
  • You just need to add the ‘Notes’ control on to the form and open properties and choose ‘Default’ tab (I.e., Activities o Posts or Notes)
Activities Tab Properties

Activities Tab Properties


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