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Power Platform | Office 365 Outlook Connector | REST API is not yet supported for this mailbox

October 18, 2022 Leave a comment

Other while importing a solution from market place, I had to create a Office 365 Outlook connection to complete the setup.

However got following “REST API is not yet supported for this mailbox” error while creating the connection.

Reason and fix:

Error could be because of 2 reasons

  • Missing valid license
    • Troubleshoot this by logging to If you could connect, then the issue might not be with license.
    • But if you get an error similar to below while logging to, its because of missing a valid license.
    • Ask your Admin to grant the User with either Office 365 or Azure Active Directory Premium license.
UTC Date: 2022-10-18T09:30:08.758Z
Client Id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Session Id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Client Version: 20221006031.10
BootResult: configuration
err: Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa2.Server.Core.OwaUserHasNoMailboxAndNoLicenseAssignedException
esrc: StartupData
et: ServerError
estack: Error: 500
    at f (    at
st: 500
ehk: X-OWA-Error
efe: xxxxxxxx, xxxxxxx
ebe: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
emsg: UserHasNoMailboxAndNoLicenseAssignedError
  • Missing ‘Mail Box’ configuration
    • Make sure a Mailbox is configured for the user


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Office 365 Groups + Dynamics 365

July 6, 2019 1 comment

In Dynamics 365 online, records can be owned by ‘Office 365 Groups’. Refer my previous article and following are quick notes.

  • The administrator can create Azure AD group teams that are associated to the Azure AD groups in each of the Customer Engagement and Common Data Service environments and assign a security role to these group teams.
  • When members of these group teams access these environments, their access rights are automatically granted based on the group team’s security role.

If you notice, to get the benefits of AAD group ownership, Users must have assigned ‘Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan’ license.

What if the User don’t have ‘Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Plan’ license. For example, when a sales team has a major opportunity requiring input from several people who don’t have access to Customer Engagement apps.

Office 365 Groups provides a single location to share documents, conversations, meetings, and notes.

Office 365 Groups can be enabled for any entity.

Install Office 365 Groups solution:


  • Install ‘Office 365 Groups’ solution.


Enable entities for Office 365 Groups:

  • Connect to your Dynamics instance.
  • Go to Settings -> Office 365 Groups
  • Add required entities.


Create Office 365 Group:

  • Make sure users must have ‘Office online’ license and Mailbox configured.


  • Create a Group and add the Users.


  • Users get notifications in their Outlook web app
  • From Outlook, Users can click on ‘Discover’ to explore more available groups.


  • Also a new SharePoint Sitemap collection gets created for each Group, which allows Users to share documents.


Use Office 365 Groups from Dynamics App:

As we enabled ‘Office Groups’ for ‘Account’ entity

  • Open any account from Dynamics App.
  • From sitemap, click on ‘Office 365 Groups’
  • You can either ‘Create a new group’ or use an existing group.


  • Once the configuration is completed, you can start Conversation and share documents which would be available for all members of the group.





D365 – Troubleshoot and Fix connectivity issues – ‘Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365’ tool

April 23, 2018 1 comment

Recently, I came across a Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 tool from Microsoft to troubleshoot and fix Office 365 connectivity issues. Download

This tool can fix many problems for you, or it can tell you how to fix them yourself with guided steps.

Tool - 3

It helped me fixing my Dynamics 365 free trail connectivity issue and Outlook connectivity issue.


  • Download and open the .exe


  • Pick the App you have problem with.

Tool - 2