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Canvas App | Add Copilot control

In this article, lets learn how to configure and use Copilot control in Canvas Studio.

What is AI Copilot (Preview):

  • Copilot brings AI-powered experience for app users to get insights about the data in their apps through conversation in natural language.
  • With Copilot you can build an app, including the data behind it, just by describing what you need through multiple steps of conversation.

Enable Copilot component in Canvas App studio:

Since its a preview feature, we first need to enable the feature.

  • On the command bar, select Settings > Upcoming features.
  • From the Preview tab, set the toggle for Copilot component to On.
  • Once you enable, you should see the ‘Copilot (preview)’ control in the ‘Insert’ .

Configuring and using the Copilot component:

  • Add the Copilot control to the form.
  • Copilot control requires a data source to be chosen.
  • Currently, only a single Dataverse table can be selected for the Copilot control. I’ve selected ‘Users’ table.
  • Adjust the height and width of the control.
  • Select the specific Fields and/or View that the Copilot control will answer questions for.
  • We can also set the ‘Title’, ‘Data summary’ and ‘Placeholder text’ properties.
  • Play the App and post your questions in a natural language.


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