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(Preview) Use ‘Solution checker’ in Managed Environments

 Solution checker enforcement, is a new feature in Managed Environments that gives admins much more control over the customizations in their environments.

Solution checker enforcement allows you to block or warn on solution imports with critical severity violations, as defined in the solution checker rules.

These violations can have security, performance, reliability, and deprecation impact.


There are two modes you can choose for solution checker enforcement:

  • Block mode, solutions can only be imported if they were checked with solution checker and they contain no critical violations. Solutions containing non-critical violations won’t be blocked.
    Admins of the environment (and the recipients of the Managed Environment weekly digest emails) will receive an email with a summary of the solution quality and whether the solution was blocked or not.
  • Warn mode, solutions can be imported even if they weren’t checked with solution checker or if they contain critical violations.

After enabling, all custom solution imports will warn or block unless a valid solution checker result within the last 90 days is found.

Refer this link for more details.


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