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[Beginners] Power Platform | Tenant vs Environment

Most of the beginners, gets confused between a Tenant and Environment in Power Platform. Lets understand the differences and learn how to manually fetch ‘Tenant Id’ and ‘Environment Id’.

What is Tenant:

  • A Tenant is the overall organization or instance of Power Platform that a user belongs to.
  • It can be thought of as a container for all the environments, users, and data associated with an organization.
  • A tenant has a unique domain name, such as myorganization.crm.dynamics.com.

What is an Environment:

  • Environment is a space to store, manage, and share your organization’s business data, apps, chatbots, and flows.

How an Environment is different than Tenant:

  • A Tenant is the overall organization or instance of Power Platform.
  • An Environment is a separate space within a Tenant.
  • Multiple environments can exist within a single tenant, and each environment can be customized independently of others.

How to manually fetch ‘Tenant ID’ and ‘Environment ID’:

The ‘Tenant ID’ is assigned to a tenant when it is created. It is generated by Microsoft and cannot be changed. To fetch ‘Tenant ID’ and ‘Environment ID’ in ‘Power Platform’

  • Login to Power Apps maker portal.
  • Select the desired ‘Environment’ from ‘Environment’ dropdown.
  • Select the Settings icon and click on ‘Session Details’.
  • From the ‘Power Apps session details’ popup, copy ‘Tenant ID’ and ‘Environment ID’.


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