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Dynamics 365 – How to get App URL

Using PowerApps, we can create custom business apps comprised of components such as entities, dashboards, forms, views, charts, and business processes.

Its convenient way to package and provide the components which are matter to the Users.

Lets take a scenario to understand this better

  • A sales company has users having ‘Sales Persons’ and ‘Sales Managers’ roles
  • Sales Persons are intend to access only Accounts & Contacts
  • All I need to do is create an App with those entities and grant App access to ‘Sales Person’ security role. Refer my previous article.
  • Share the ‘App’ URL to the Sales Persons

Below are the steps to get the ‘App’ URL:

  • Open the Dynamics Application
  • Navigate to Settings -> My Apps -> Published Apps -> {Your App} -> Click on and then click ‘Manage Roles’


  • Expand “App URL Suffix” tab
  • Click on ‘Copy’ icon to copy the URL

App URL-2

  • Share the URL to users and when they access,  they will directly taken to the ‘App’

App URL-3

What is App URL Suffix

  • The app URL is automatically populated based on the App name that you specify.
    • In my example, my ‘App’ name is ‘HelloWorld’ and hence ‘App URL Suffix’ is set to ‘HelloWorld’
  • The app URL must be unique.
  • Below are the URL syntax


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