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D 365 – ‘Voice of the Customer’ solution installation failed

Other day, I was getting solution installation failure error while installing “Voice of the Customer” on my trail instance.


Issue was persisting even after multiple retries.


  • I tried to install solution from “Manage your solutions” screen, which is the reason for failure (This approach used to work in CRM 2016 till Dynamics Version 9)
  • This is not the proper way of installing ‘Voice of the Customer’ solution from Version 9, as per the documentation available here


So the right way to install  ‘Voice of the Customer’ solution, from V9, is from ‘Applications’ tab of your ‘Dynamics 365 Admin Center’

  • Connect to your Office 365 Portal
  • Go to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center, and then select the Applications tab.
  • Select the application row titled Voice Of The Customer, and then select Manage.


  • In the next screen, pick your instance and click ‘Install’


  • To track the progress, go to “Dynamics 365 Administration Center“, Select the instance name, and then select Solutions.
  • The status is displayed in the Status column.

To know more on the usage of ‘Voice of the Customer’ solution, refer my article

Quick Notes:

  • Up on the ‘Voice of the Customer’ solution installation, a new “VOC Push Service user”  (Application User) is created automatically.
  • This Application User will allow Voice of the Customer Azure service to authenticate with Dynamics 365 using Server-to-Server (S2S) authentication.
  • As this “VOC Push Service user” is an “Application User” no additional license will be consumed.
  • To know more about S2S authentication with Application User, refer my article



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