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Code snippet – Connect to Dynamics CRM using Organization Service C#

Below is the sample code to connect to Dynamics 365/CRM online 2016 using simplified connection.

This sample authenticates the user with the Dynamics 365 web services by using the CrmServiceClient and methods.

Required CRM SDK .Dlls:

  • Download the SDK to get the required .dlls
Required dlls

Required dlls

Required Namespaces :

using Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk;
using Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client;
using Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector;

Configure connection string in App.Config:

O365 Connection strings

O365 Connection strings

C# Code:

String connectionString = GetServiceConfiguration();
CrmServiceClient conn = new CrmServiceClient(connectionString);

// Uncomment below statement in case you want to use Organization Service
// IOrganizationService orgService = conn.OrganizationWebProxyClient != null ? conn.OrganizationWebProxyClient : (IOrganizationService)conn.OrganizationServiceProxy;

OrganizationServiceProxy orgService = conn.OrganizationServiceProxy;

// To impersonate, set the caller GUID
orgService.CallerId = new Guid(“D0DED6CA-5A65-E611-80DD-FC15B42877A8”);

// Create Account

Entity account = new Entity(“account”);
account[“name”] = “Peter Parker”;
Guid accountId = orgService.Create(account);

// Who Am I Request

// Guid userid = ((WhoAmIResponse)orgService.Execute(new WhoAmIRequest())).UserId;

catch (Exception ex){
Console.WriteLine(“Exception : ” + ex.Message);

// To Read Connection Strings From <App.Config>

private String GetServiceConfiguration(){
// Get available connection strings from app.config.
int count = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings.Count;

// Create a filter list of connection strings so that we have a list of valid
// connection strings for Microsoft Dynamics CRM only.
List<KeyValuePair<String, String>> filteredConnectionStrings =
new List<KeyValuePair<String, String>>();

for (int a = 0; a < count; a++)
if (isValidConnectionString(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[a].ConnectionString))
(new KeyValuePair<string, string>

// If one valid connection string is found, use that.
if (filteredConnectionStrings.Count == 1)
return filteredConnectionStrings[0].Value;

return null;

private Boolean isValidConnectionString(String connectionString){
// At a minimum, a connection string must contain one of these arguments.
if (connectionString.Contains(“Url=”) ||
connectionString.Contains(“Server=”) ||
return true;

return false;

Refer MSDN article for more details.



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