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Role based Dashboards – CRM 2013

With the release of  CRM 2011, we got System dashboards/charts and Personal dashboards/charts feature.

Dashboards/charts visibility

  • System charts are like System views, only Users with System Administrator or System Customizer can create and view-able by all users.
  • Personal charts are like Personal views, only visible to User who created them (i.e., Unless the created user shares the personal Dashboard/chart, nobody else can see it, not even a system administrator)

Restrict User to access Dashboards/Charts

  • To restrict users to access System dashboards/Charts
    • Open security role –> Customization tab, set ‘System Chart/System Form’ access level to ‘none’
System charts Access/Privilages

System charts Access/Privileges

    • To restrict users to access Personal dashboards/Charts
      • Open security role –> Core Records tab, set ‘User Chart/User Dashboard’ access level to ‘none’
Personal charts Privileges/Access

Personal charts Privileges/Access

By removing privileges to User, he can’t access any of the Dashboards or Charts in the system.

What if you want to restrict a particular System Dashboard or Chart to all ‘Sales Person’ security role Users but not others? You cannot configure OOB this in CRM 2011 (However you can do this by Plug-ins).

With CRM 2013,  we got a new feature Role based dashboards similar to Role based forms.

Role based Dashboards in CRM 2013

  • With CRM 2013, we can manage permissions for Dashboards and control which user can see each dashboards based on security roles.
  • To configure the dashboards based on security roles.
    • Open the Solution –> Dashboards, choose single dashboard and click ‘Enable Security Roles‘ button
Configure dashboards by roles

Configure dashboards by roles

    • Select the “Display only to these select security roles” and select the security roles which are allowed to view this dashboard.
    • Publish the customization’s.


  1. Nezahat
    April 7, 2015 at 6:07 PM

    “enable security roles” function doesn’t work. Even though you select only some security roles to able to read dashboards, other users can also see the restricted system dashboards.

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