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AD Groups created with CRM 2011 installation

With CRM installation below Active Directory (AD) Groups get created in the Organization Unit (OU) you chosen.

Below is the description of 4 AD Groups

AD Name


SQLAccessGroup The members of this group get access to CRM filtered views
PrivUserGroup CRM user group for special administrative functions; Including CRMAppPool identity (domain user or NetworkService). The users who configure CRM must be added to this group.
PrivReportingGroup This group create during CRM Server Setup and configured   during CRM Reporting Extensions Setup.
ReportingGroup All CRM users are included in this group.This group is updated automatically as users are added and   removed from CRM. By default, all CRM Reporting Services reports grant Browse   permission to this group.

These groups specific to the Organization. So a new set of groups get created when you create a new Organization.

If you have multiple Organizations each group will be suffixed by Organization GUID.

AD Groups

AD Groups

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