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CRM 2011 Service update – Polaris released

Microsoft has released its CRM 2011 December 2012 Service Update, codenamed “Polaris”.

Here  is video of Polaris user experience enhancements by CRM team.

Download the SDK from here

Polaris has much awaited cross browser support and list of new capabilities

  • Cross browser support
    • Versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on Windows PCs.
    •  Firefox and Apple Safari will be supported on Macintosh desktop computers.
    • Safari support on Apple iPad tablets for sales users.
  • New sales and customer service user interface options
  • New integration points for Yammer, Skype, and Bing Maps, Microsoft Office 2013 compatibility
  • The enhancements made to the activity feeds include a new feature called Like/Unlike
  • Bulk Data Load API
    • To support bulk data load scenarios, this release introduces the ExecuteMultipleRequest message.
    •  This message supports the execution of multiple message requests using a single web method call

How existing JScripts work with Polaris

  • Multi browser support potentially has an impact on existing deployments of CRM 2011 that contain any JScript or HTMLs (i.e., Any web resources that have been created to hide/show fields etc.).
  • Microsoft has provided a tool named Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Custom Code Validation Tool to identify potential issues with custom JavaScript in JavaScript libraries and HTML web resources.
  • Go through this CRM team blog to know the usage of Custom Code Validation Tool


Useful videos from Demo CRM Online


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