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OrgDBOrgSettings Tool – CRM 2011

OrgDBOrgSettings tool allows administrators the ability to implement specific updates that were previously reserved for registry implementations.

For example, you can enable/disable below settings

  • Enable/Disable Auto Create Contact On Promote
  • Enable/Disable Smart Matching
  • Resolving the Unique Column Names Error (i.e.,LookupNameMatchesDuringImport)
  • Etc….

The tool is updated with each Update Rollup release and UR 10 tool can be downloaded here (Choose CRM2011-Tools-KB2710577-v2-ENU-amd64.exe)

You need to download the tool and set your CRM server details in the config file and run with command prompt as below



Refer KB article  for usage of the tool and documentation.

Also this useful article  helps to resolve the issues with connections.


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