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“Could not create type” error while browsing a web service


You may come across below error after you deploy a web service application on IIS and try to browse the .asmx file.

Could not create type error

Could not create type error

Fix :-

Below are few reasons that cause this issue

  • Check your Application Pool of your hosted site is of .Net Framework 2.0 or higher
App pool framework

App pool framework

  • Verify all your web service  methods preceded with [WebMethod] tag
  • Add a Namespace tag to your web service class; (It should mostly resolve the problem)
    • Go to “.asmx.cs” file and set Namespace & Name
    • ‘Name’ value should match with your class name; In my case its “MyService”

[WebService(Namespace = “MyDomain”, Name = “MyService“)]

public MyService TelefonicService : System.Web.Services.WebService



public string HelloWorld()


return “Hello World”;



  • Clean, rebuild and deploy the web service

Below is a useful article that talks about the same issue


Hope it helps 🙂