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Field value null check in USD

September 27, 2016 Leave a comment

We have configured ‘Session Overview Line’ for ‘Account’ entity which would come as below.



However, for few Accounts, ‘Session Overview Line’ was not loading and it even breaking further USD configurations.


  • Few ‘Account’ fields specified in ‘Display’ of ‘Session Line’ are Null which prevented ‘Session Overview Line’ load.


  • Add ‘Null Check’ (i.e., Suffix + operator) while defining fields in “Session Overview Line”.





Text=”Annual Revenue: [[account.revenue]x+]”

Text=”Account Name: [[]x+]”

Text=”Primary Contact: [[]x+]”


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Denote an Unsaved record in a Session – USD

We got a requirement to denote an unsaved record with * in a session.

Below is the scenario.

  • User opens an Account record in USD
  • USD opens a new Account Session
  • User clicks ‘Create Task’ link from Agent Script.
  • System should display * on ‘Task’ Tab until it gets Saved.
USD - Unsaved Task

USD – Unsaved Task

It’s very easy to achieve using ‘Scriptlet’.

Add a Scriptlet “SetTaskTitle” and set to the hosted control’s Display name (i.e., [[$Scriptlet.SetTaskTitle]] )

USD - Using Scriptlet To Set Display Name

In the “SetTaskTitle” Scriptlet

  • if Task.Subject == “”
    • Set DisplayName=”Task *”
  • Else
    • Set DisplayName=”Task.Subject”
USD - Scriptlet

USD – Scriptlet

Script Text:

function SetTaskTitle() {
if (“[[task.subject]+]” != “”) {
return “[[task.subject]+]”;
return “Task *”;

Once the Task gets Saved, Tab name changes to ‘Task.Subject’

USD - Saved Task

USD – Saved Task


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Create an Incoming Phone Call Activity when a Call received from CTI – USD

August 27, 2016 1 comment

In one of our requirement, we had to create a new “Incoming Phone Call” activity against the calling ‘Contact’, whenever a call received.

USD - Incoming Phone Call Created

USD – Incoming Phone Call Created

In this article, I am using “CTI Simulator” (Download) to generate an incoming call.

Refer MSDN article contains a Walkthrough on how to

  • Catch the phone call (Triggered from Simulator)
  • Search ‘Contacts’ in CRM with the ‘Phone number’
  • If match found, open the ‘Contact’ in USD.

Open Calling Contact Record in USD

  • In USD configurations in CRM, create a “Windows Navigation Rule”, to open a ‘Contact’ record, if there is a Contact with incoming phone number.

USD - Nav Rule To Open Contact On Incoming Call

  • In the Action Call “Show tab for Contact”, we set focus on ‘Contact’ which was opened in USD.
USD - Focus on Contact Tab

USD – Focus on Contact Tab

Create Phone Call Activity

  • Now coming back to our requirement, we need to create an “Incoming Phone Call” for the matched ‘Contact’, which got opened in USD.
  • To achieve this, create a Sub Action Call “AC Create Contact Inbound Phone call”, under “Show tab for Contact”.
USD - Sub Action Call To Create Phone Call

USD – Sub Action Call To Create Phone Call

  • In “AC Create Contact Inbound Phone call”, define a “CreateAction” to create “Phone Call” copying information from “Contact”.
USD - Create Phone Call

USD – Create Phone Call

  • Data:

subject=Inbound Phonecall to [[$User.fullname]]

  • The ‘AC Create Contact Inbound Phone call‘ action call triggers after ‘Show tab for Contact‘ and a new ‘Phone Call’ gets created.
USD - Created Incoming Phone Call

USD – Created Incoming Phone Call


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‘http://event’ pop-ups with hosted controls of Hosting type ‘IE Process’ – USD

In my USD, I have a hosted control of type “IE Process”.

Hosted Control

Hosted Control

Whenever it gets loaded, I was getting “http://event” IE pop-up and its blocking configured events of Hosted control to be triggered.


  • These popups occur in IE 11
  • When the protected mode of IE set to ‘Off’ for the Intranet Zone, which is a default setting of IE.


  • Either change the “Hosting Type” of hosted control to “Internal WPF” (or)
  • ‘Turn On’ the protected mode for the Intranet zone.

Refer this article for more info.


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Trigger USD event from CRM Hosted Control’s Jscript

August 22, 2015 1 comment

In one of our requirement we had to trigger a USD Event from CRM Hosted Control’s onchange event of an option set.

Below are the steps to invoke USD event from option set’s ‘onchange’ event.

  • Assume your USD event name is “USDOnChange
USD - Events

USD – Events

  • In my CRM Hosted Control’s onchange event placed this statement

function TriggerUSDOnchangeEvent() {“http://event/?eventname= USDOnChange“);



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‘Saved’ event not triggering on ‘CRM Page’ hosted control – USD

April 13, 2015 2 comments

We have an Account form hosted in ‘CRM Page’ hosted control on USD. We got a requirement to navigate another page on CRM form Save event.

Below are the steps I initially followed

  • Created a new Hosted Control of type ‘CRM Page’
CRM Page Hosted Control

CRM Page Hosted Control

  • Go to ‘Events’ from Command Bar and open ‘Saved’ event
Saved event - Hosted Control

Saved event – Hosted Control

  • On ‘Saved’ event of Hosted Control, added a new ‘Action’ to Navigate to Bing
Navigate Action

Navigate Action

  • Save and close
  • Open the USD and open ‘Account’ record

But the ‘Saved’ event did not trigger when I click Save button from CRM page.


  • Looks like this is known issue with my USD version (Got fixed in latest USD version)


To fix this, below are workaround steps to hook the ‘Saved’ event to CRM hosted control.

  • Open ‘PageLoadComplete’ event of Hosted Control
PageLoadComplete Event

PageLoadComplete Event

  • Create a new ‘Action Call’
    • Action : ExecutionTimeout (Note : Create a new UII action if you can’t find ExecutionTimeout)
    • Data : milliseconds=6000
ExecutionOnTimeout Action Call

ExecutionOnTimeout Action Call

  • Create a new ‘Sub Action Call’
Sub Action Call

Sub Action Call

  • Add below Script using ‘RunXrmCommand’ Action

Script :

function hookSavedEvent(execContext)

{“http://event/?eventname=Saved”); // notify USD of save

setTimeout(“top.ScanForData();”, 4000);


// Add ‘hookSavedEvent’ to Save event of CRM form;

Register Script Action

Register Script Action

  • Save & Close the forms
  • Close and reopen the USD client application to test the behavior now
  • Open ‘Account’ form, click on ‘Save’
USD CRM Form Save Action

USD CRM Form Save Action

  • We get a new tab with Bing page
USD - Navigated To Bing Page on Save

USD – Navigated To Bing Page on Save


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How to change Organization in Unified Service Desk (USD) Logon application

We can switch to other Organizations from “USD Logon Application” as below.

  • While launching the ‘USD Logon application’, before it loads, click on ‘Change Credentials’ link
USD - Change Organization

USD – Change Organization

  • Now you get USD Login screen as below. Provide the Organization details you would like to connect
USD - Login Details

USD – Login Details


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