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D365 Data Export Service – Unable to connect to Azure SQL Server from Profile

March 14, 2020 5 comments

Other day while configuring Data Export Service to replicate the CDS data to Azure SQL Server’s Database, I encountered following error from the ‘Profile’ creation step:

Unable to connect to the Destination mentioned in the KeyVault URL


Troubleshooting steps and Fix:

From the error message its clear that, Data Export Service unable to connect to the Destination which is Azure SQL Server’s DB in my case. Following checks helped me to resolve the issue.

  • Make sure you copy the Azure SQL DB connection string using the ‘Copy’ option. This is super important when you are creating the ‘Key vault URL’.


  • Post the Azure Key vault generation, validate the ‘Secret value’ from Azure portal.


  • Test the Azure SQL DB connection from either SSMS or .udl file using the same ‘User ID’ and ‘Password’ specified while generating the Azure Key Vault URL.


  • Make sure following ‘Firewall settings’ made to your Azure SQL server.
    • Open the ‘SQL Server’ from Azure Portal and click on ‘Show firewall settings’
    • DES_26
    • Make settings as below
    • DES_25
  • Now try validating the Data Export Service’s ‘Key Vault URL’ from the ‘Profile’ and it should work.


Refer my Step by step configuring Data Export Service article on the usage of Data Export Service.