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C# | Telesign | Send SMS | Couldn’t load type Telesign.MessagingClient

Telesign is a Communications Platform as a Service company. We can Send and receive text messages effortlessly with TeleSign’s global text message API.

Other day I’ve subscribed to Telesign trial and was trying to send SMS from my C# console application.

As a first step I’ve installed ‘Telesign’ NuGet package to my C# console project and pasted the code copied form Telesign portal.

I got following “Couldn not load type ‘Telesign.MessagingClient’ from assembly Telesign” exception when I ran the code.

Reason and Fix:

  • My C# console project name was ‘TeleSign’ which conflicted with ‘Telesign’ NuGet package assembly.
  • Rename the Project solved the issue.

Its trivial issue but took sometime to figure out the reason. Hope this helps.


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