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[Step by Step] Dynamics 365 – Microsoft Forms Pro Survey Solution

Microsoft Forms Pro is an enterprise survey capability powered by both Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Forms Pro is built on Microsoft Forms, and it offers new capabilities that make capturing and analyzing customer and employee feedback simpler than ever.

‘Forms Pro’ will eventually replaces the existing Dynamics Voice of the Customer Survey

Steps to subscribe:

  • Connect to
    • Either subscribe for a free 30 days trail or alternately you can also use Dynamics 365 30 days trails credentials.
  • Provide your Office 365 Email ID and click on ‘Submit’ to complete registration.


Create a new Survey:

Once you completed the subscription, from the FormsPro portal

  • Click on ‘Create a new form’ to configure your survey.


  • Click on ‘Theme’ to choose the Survey Theme. This is an optional step.
  • Provide the Survey Details like Name and Description.


  • Next, to add Survey questionnaire, click ‘Add Option’ to add the available control options


  • I’ve chosen ‘Choice’ control for this simple survey.
  • Fill the Questions and Choices.
  • Click on ‘Preview’ to preview the survey in both Computer and Mobile.


Send The Survey:

After your survey is ready, send it to your respondents and collect their feedback. You can send your survey in the following ways:

  • Email: Send the survey link by using the built-in email capability.


  • Microsoft Flow: Configure a business trigger by using Microsoft Flow to send the email.
  • Embed: Embed the survey in a webpage.
  • Link: Copy a link to the survey that you created, and paste it into a shared area.
  • QR code: Send a QR code for your survey.

Respond to Survey:

  • To show how the Survey would render to recipients, I’ve used ‘Link’ option and copied the Survey URL in browser tab.
  • It renders as follows.


  • Choose your response and ‘Submit’.

Analyze Responses:

  • Click on ‘Responses’ tab to analyse the responses.


Survey Settings:

Click on ‘…’ and ‘More Settings’ to configure Survey settings.

  • To deactivate the Survey (i.e.,Stop collecting the responses) uncheck the ‘Accept Responses’ checkbox.


  • Deactivated Survey would show up as follows to Recipient.


  • You can set the Date range of the Survey.

Entities that get added:

Following entities get added with ‘Form Pro’ survey solution



Refer this article for more details.