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[Quick Tip] Dataverse Web API | Handling special characters in Filter query

February 28, 2023 1 comment

In this quick tip, lets see how to handle special characters while querying the Dataverse Web API.

Assume that you have a Dataverse Team with name CoE&Feb&Makers as below and you would want to query the Team by ‘Team Name’ using Dataverse Web API.

Query Dataverse Web API:

  • When you hit the URL, you will get an exception that ‘The query parameter is not supported‘. This is because the team name CoE&Feb&Makers is having & symbol, which is not supported.
  • To fix this, you need to encode the team’s name. You can use online editor to encode, if you are querying the Web API from browser.
  • Now use the encoded value CoE%26Feb%26Makers in the Filter and you should get the result.