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Missing ‘Connect to Dynamics CRM Server’ from visual studio solution

August 6, 2014 2 comments

I recently created a new Visual studio solution using Dynamics CRM 2013 Template.

Dynamics CRM 2013 Template

Dynamics CRM 2013 Template

So I get “Connect to Dynamics CRM Server” window whenever I open the solution, which allows me to connect my CRM Organization.

Connect to Dynamics CRM Server

Connect to Dynamics CRM Server

Later I added a new “Class Library” project to my solution.

Now surprisingly when I open the solution, I am not getting “Connect to Dynamics CRM Server” window also from ‘Tools’ Menu.


  • I opened my solution file (.sln) using notepad and observed below ‘Global Section’ is missing and overridden by newly added Project details.

GlobalSection(CRMSolutionProperties) = preSolution

SolutionIsBoundToCRM = True



  • Add the ‘Global Section’ back to solution file using Notepad and Save it.
Global Section

Global Section


Solution import error in CRM 2011


Solution import error

Sometimes you may get above error screen, when you try to import the “Solution”.


  1. Let’s assume you have a solution “” with 3 files (i.e., [Content_Types].xml, Customizations.xml & Solution.xml)
  2. Extract the “” to “XYZ_new” folder
  3. Do some customization changes (i.e., Add few buttons to Ribbon) to “Customizations.xml”
  4. Save the changes
  5. Zip the “XYZ_new” folder to “”
  6. Try to Import the “” as solution and you would get “Import solution error”


  • Always zip the files from root level not from folder level
    • i.e., When you make changes to solution files (Refer step 3 & 4) don’t zip “XYZ_new” folder, instead follow this step
    • open “XYZ_new” folder and select files (Ctrl + A) and zip the files to “”
    • Import  the zip
    • Get the “Imported successfully” message

Hope it helps 🙂