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Solution Import Failures / Publish Customizations Failures – Dynamics 365

February 12, 2017 3 comments

Recently we upgraded our organizations to Dynamics 365 and we were getting solution import failure while moving solutions between organizations.

Below are different kind of error messages popped up.

  • Getting Dependency Calculation There was an error calculating dependencies for this component. Missing component id {0}
  • Failure trying to associate it with CustomControlDefaultConfig
  • Can’t insert duplicate key for an entity


  • In our case the root cause for all these import failures was “customcontroldefaultconfig” component with Custom entities.
  • If there is any orphan record exists in “CustomControlDefaultConfigBase” table it would cause solution import failure or ‘Publish Customizations’ error.
  • The issue seems a product issue and got fixed in Service Update 5 of CRM 8.1.0 but resurfacing again in Dynamics 365.

Prevention Tip:

  • If you are adding an entity to your solution, always add ‘Primary key’ field
    • In the source environment open the Solution being imported
    • Open each Entity and expand Fields
    • Make sure that every entity has its “Primary Key” added to the solution.



CRM On-Premise

  • Check if any orphan records in CustomControlDefaultConfigBase tabel. (Use below queries)
    • SELECT * FROM CustomControlDefaultConfigBase WHERE PrimaryEntityTypeCode NOT IN (SELECT ObjectTypeCode FROM Entity)
  • Note: before continuing, a backup database is recommended.
  • Delete from the Target environment the CustomControlDefaultConfig records with orphaned Object Type Codes:
    • DELETE FROM CustomControlDefaultConfigBase WHERE PrimaryEntityTypeCode NOT IN (SELECT ObjectTypeCode FROM Entity)

CRM On-line

  • Create console application to delete the orphan record in CustomControlDefaultConfigBase using CRM SDK
  • Refer this URL for code.


Found dependency records – Error while solution import in CRM 2011

November 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I was getting the error when I was importing Managed Solution on top of Unmanaged solution

Found 2 dependency records where unmanaged component is the parent of a managed component. First record (dependentcomponentobjectid = {}, type = AttributeMap, requiredcomponentobjectid = {}, type= EntityMap, solution = {})”

Interestingly, I did not get error when I imported Unmanaged solution


  • From the error message I understand error was with “Attribute Maps”
  • This error occur, If there is a custom mapping from an entity outside a managed solution to an entity inside a managed solution, which is not allowed


  • We have to delete existing AttributeMap from the customation.xml file as well as the CRM system
  • Follow resolution steps mentioned in Dynamics CRM Team Blog


Fields that are not valid were specified for the entity – Solution Import Error in CRM 2011

March 3, 2012 2 comments


In one of my CRM 2011 deployments when I tried to import my solution from Development to Test environment I got below error

Fields that are not valid were specified for the entity

After examining the customization changes made we came to know the actual problem.

Reason –

  • We had an attribute ‘new_abc’ that was of type “Two Options”
  • Later  we got a change request from client, that the field has to be an option set.
  • So in Development environment, we deleted the field  ‘new_abc’ of type “Two options” and created a new field again with same name ‘new_abc’ of type “Option set”.
  • When we tried to import back the new solution to test environment we got this Import failure message.

Fix :-

  • We fixed this by deleting the field in the import environment (i.e., Test environment in my case) prior to the import of new solution.
  • To avoid this problem provide different name to the newly created field


Hope it helps 🙂

Solution with Plug-Ins import error in CRM 2011

August 23, 2011 1 comment


You may get below error, when you try to import solution with Plug-in’s (or) registering a Plug-In using Plug-In registration tool

Action failed for assembly ‘assemblyname,Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c79c3c28c5ba3ec0′: Assembly must be registered in isolation.

Reason :-

  • The User  who is trying to register is not a  “deployment administrator”

Fix :-

  • Add User as “deployment administrator” by following below steps
  • Open “Deployment Manager” tool
  • Under “administrator’s” tab, Right click and add current user
  • Reset IIS

Hope it Helps 🙂