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Rollup View – Relationship Behavior

November 5, 2016 1 comment

In Dynamics 365, a new ‘Rollup View’ relationship behavior has been introduced, which allows activities of the related entity would show up in ‘Activity Associated View’ of the primary entity.



To explain this better,

  • I created a custom entity ‘Bike’ which has 1:N relationship with ‘Contact’ entity.
  • I set ‘Relationship Behaviour’ -> ‘Rollup View’ as ‘Cascade All’

Contact and Bike Relationship

  • I added a new Bike ‘Ducati’ to Contact ‘Adrian Dumitrascu’ and created a Task ‘Paint …’ for the ‘Ducati’ bike.

Contact – Bike – Task

  • As I set the ‘Rollup View’ as ‘Cascade All’ between ‘Contact’ and ‘Bike’, I get the Bike’s Task activity under my Contact’s ‘Activity Associated View’.



‘Rollup View’ can be set as ‘Cascade All’ only, if following conditions are met

  • The primary and the related entity must have either I:N or N:l custom relationship.
  • The flag can’t be set on any out-of-the-box system relationships.
  • The primary entity for the relationship must be Account, Contact, or Opportunity, as these are the only entity forms where the Activity Associated View appears.
  • The related entity must have ‘Activities’ options enabled in Customizations.


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Why ‘RetrieveMultiple’ plug-in not firing when I choose ‘Activities’ roll-up view

November 26, 2013 Leave a comment

I had a plug-in registered  on ‘Activities’ (i.e., ActivityPointer) on ‘RetrieveMultiple’ message.

The Plug-in getting triggered when I open ‘Activities’ from any where (i.e., From ‘Advanced Find’, Sitemap on workplace area, Associated views of  all custom entities) except when I open an account and click on ‘Activities’ associated/roll-up view.


  • For ‘Accounts’, CRM out of the box provides a rollup view for activities. When you click on ‘Activities’ associated view, CRM uses ‘Rollup’ message instead of ‘RetrieveMultiple’.
Activities Rollup View

Activities Rollup View

  • This is the reason why the ‘Retrieve Multiple’ plug-in is getting ignored when you click on ‘Activities’ link.


  • To fire a plug-in when user clicks on ‘Activities’ link from ‘Account’, we need to register a Plug-in on ‘Rollup’ message.
  • However ‘Rollup’ message will not be exposed by CRM (Refer below Plug-in registration tool screen). It needs DB level tweaking to get the message and register a Plug-in which is strictly UN-SUPPORTED
Roll up message unavailable

Roll up message unavailable

  • Refer article how to do it unsupported way.