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Pac cli | Install and launch Plugin Registration, Package Deployer and Configuration Migration tools

February 21, 2023 1 comment

Conventionally tools like Plugin Registration Tool (PRT) can be download from NuGet. Downloading and installing from NuGet is tedious because of following reasons:

  • Difficult to launch the tools. Because the downloaded PRT gets stored in your local directory, to launch the tool, you have to go that folder and look for the .exe file to open.
  • Difficult to upgrade the version. To upgrade the version of the tools, you have to download latest version form NuGet to your local storage.

Using Power Platform CLI, the tools download and launch process has been super simplified. Let me walk you through the process of installing and launching the tools using Power Platform CLI.

Lets first start with the basics.

What is Power Platform CLI

  • Microsoft Power Platform CLI is a simple, one-stop developer CLI that empowers developers and ISVs to perform various operations in Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Follow these steps to install.
  • Once you install, run pac in the command prompt and you should see screen as below.

Steps to install the tools using Power Platform CLI

Once you install the Power Platform CLI in your machine, open the Visual Studio Command Prompt (You can also use VSCode).

  • Run pac tool list command which lists the tool installation details.
  • If you notice the above screen, ‘Installed’ value is ‘No’, which means I don’t have tools installed yet.
Install/Uninstall Plugin Registration Tool (PRT):
  • Now, lets install Plugin Registration Tool (PRT). Its super simple.
  • Execute pac tool prt command. PRT tool gets installed and launched in a blink.
  • If you run the pac tool list command again, you should see the PRT installed status as Yes.
Launch the Plugin Registration Tool

Once you install the PRT to launch from the next time, you have 2 options.

  • Open the PRT App from the ‘Start’.
  • Open the Visual Studio Command Prompt and run pac tool prt command

Steps to install Package Deployer and Configuration Migration tools:

To install the Package Deployer (PD) and Configuration Migration (CMT) tools, follow the same steps we used for PRT. We just need to change the commands.

That’s how tools can be seamlessly downloaded and launched using the Power Platform CLI.


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Plugin Registration Tool | Connect to environment directly by skipping discovery

November 23, 2022 Leave a comment

If your Dynamics 365 tenant has more than 20 environments and you are tired of selecting the right environment by scrolling all over, this tip is for you.

In Plugin Registration Tool (PRT) there is an option to skip discovery during login and directly connect to your environment. Lets see how to do that.

Steps to configure Skip Discovery in PRT:

  • Go to the folder where you have downloaded the Plugin Registration Tool.
  • Open the “PluginRegistration.exe.config” xml file in an editor of your choice.
  • Under <appSettings> , uncomment the “SkipDiscovery” key.
  • Should be as below once you uncomment.
  • Save the “PluginRegistration.exe.config” file and open the Plugin Registration Tool.
  • On the ‘Login’ pane, provide credentials and make sure you uncheck “Display list of available organizations”.
  • Click ‘Login’ and you get a ‘Enter environment instance url‘ popup.
  • Provide the ‘Instance url’ of your environment to connect.
  • Click ‘Ok’ and the Plugin registration tool will directly connect to your environment thus skipping the environments discovery.

  • To get the Instance url
    • Connect to Maker Portal.
    • From ‘Settings->Session details’
    • Copy the ‘Instance url’.