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Wait Condition with ‘Parallel Wait Branch’

February 19, 2017 Leave a comment

In my previous article , I explained using ‘Wait Condition’ with simple scenario. In this article, lets see using ‘Parallel Wait Branch’ with Wait Conditions.

Lets take a simple scenario

  • Up on Opportunity creation, if an Account associated with Opportunity ‘Send Mail’ to Opportunity owner OR close the Opportunity as Lost, if no association happen with in 7 days.

To achieve the above scenario, we have to go with ‘Parallel Wait Branch’ with 2 Wait Conditions

Configuring Work Flow :

  • Create a workflow on Opportunity which triggers when ‘Record is created’
  • Add a “Wait Condition” to check, if Account got assigned to Opportunity (I.e., Opportunity. Account ‘Contains Data’)
  • Create an Email Activity, if ‘Wait Condition’ met
  • Select that wait condition and then choose the ‘Parallel Wait Branch’ option from the Add Step menu
  • Add another “Wait Condition” with ‘Time Out’ option for 7 days

Wait Condition - Time Out.PNG

  • If condition met, add ‘Change Status’ step to close the Opportunity as Lost and Canceled.
  • Workflow looks as below


  • Save and Activate Workflow

Points to consider using Wait condition:

  • While using a Timeout, and if the date changes, the timeout will automatically adjust and wait until the new date.
  • Even if that date is changed to be in the past, the timeout will readjust to the new date, and will fire instantly.
  • If the server goes down, or the async service stops, any workflows that are ‘waiting’ will be resumed when the server/async service comes back up.
  • If the server/async is down at the exact time as when a wait condition is waiting until, the workflow will continue again when the server/async comes back up, and it will process the wait conditions that were due during the down time.


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