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Entity Ownership in CRM 2011

January 2, 2013 3 comments

In CRM 2011, when you create a new entity you can define the entities “Ownership” by choosing “Ownership” option

Entity Ownership

Entity Ownership

So what does it mean? Entities, can be owned by

  • Organization
  • User or a Team

Lets see the difference between both

Organization owned entity

  • Records of “Organization owned entity” can be viewed by the whole organization
  • Records cannot be shared or Assigned

Can’t Share/Assign Org owned entity record

  • The security roles for organization-owned entities have two access levels: None and Organization
    • i.e., You cannot define “Access levels” like (User level, Business unit level, Parent: Child Business unit level)

User or a Team owned entity

  • Records of “User or a Team owned entity” can be limited to users or teams, so that you restrict data access to authorized users
  • The user-owned or team-owned entities have five access levels: None, User level, Business unit level, Parent: Child Business unit level, Organization



Workflows/Dialogs ownership in CRM 2011

September 10, 2011 Leave a comment


Today i have come across useful article on “Ownership of  Workflows ” below are few excerpts

Q> Under what user’s context does the workflow execute? (If the workflow creates a record, who will be the owner of that new record?)

  • Automatically triggered workflows (such as a workflow that triggers on account create) will execute in the context of the owner of the workflow.
  • If the workflow is executed on-demand, the workflow will then execute in the context of the user who requests the workflow execution.
  • Dialogs are always on-demand then they always execute in the context of the user who started the dialog.

Refer below Q/A article by Gonzalo Ruiz

Hope it helps 🙂