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NullReferenceException while opening CRM form

September 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I was getting an exception when I open a “Account” record.

When I verify the CRM server Event Viewer I got this below “NullReferenceException” warning message



After spending some time I came to know that the problem was because of customization change I did recently


  • I deleted and recreated a custom field with same schema name but with different data type
  • I had the new field added on my ‘Account’ form


I can’t say that it is a fix but below step worked for me

  • Removed the field from the Form
  • Publish the customization
  • Add the field back to the Form

Here is a useful article which helped me



Set field values using query string parameters on Form load in CRM

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment


I have got below requirement,

  •  I need to open a CRM form from my custom ‘.aspx’ page.
  • On opening of the form I should populate “name” field with value

After referring MSDN article, I came to know that we can set the field values using “extraqs” query string parameter and it must meet below requirements.

  • You must encode the parameters passed in the extraqs parameter. Use encodeURIComponent to encode the parameters.
  • The names of the query string arguments must match or include the names of attributes for the entity.
  • The value cannot be a script (To prevent script injection)

Below is the sample JScript to open a form and populate “name” field on form load

function openform() {
var encodedString = encodeURIComponent(“new_name=rajeev pentyala”);“http://ServerName/OrgName/main.aspx?etc=10014&extraqs=” + encodedString + “&pagetype=entityrecord”);

  • Here “new_name” is the name of attribute

You get the CRM form as below, when you call the above function

extraqs query parameter

extraqs query parameter

Please refer below useful MSDN articles

Hope it helps 🙂