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There is no active transaction – Error on Case Resolution

February 9, 2015 Leave a comment

I have an on demand workflow which Resolve the Case’s. I got below exception when I run the workflow against a Case.

No Active Transaction Error

No Active Transaction Error

Reason & Fix

  • There is no active transaction Error – message usually denotes the failure in any other Plug-in steps already registered on the same event.
  • In my scenario, there were OOB Activity Feeds Plug-in steps registered on Case entity ‘SetDynamicState’ message.
  • So the Activity Feeds  ‘SetDynamicState’ message failing when my workflow tried to change status of Case, causing “no active transaction Error “.
  • By deactivating the Activity Feed step on Case entity ‘SetDynamicState’ message solved the problem.
Disable Activity Feed Steps

Disabled Activity Feed Steps