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Set Regarding Lookup and open a new Task form – USD

I was exploring USD and tried below scenario.

From a new Account Session

  • Add a ‘Create Task’ Agent Script Answer.
  • On click, open Task form in a new Tab, pre-populated with ‘Regarding’ lookup with Account.
Set Regarding Lookup

Set Regarding Lookup

I had a tough time to set ‘Regarding’ look up with ‘Customer’ using ‘New_CRM_Page’ UII Action.

I could achieve with ‘Navigate’ UII Action.

Navigate To Task

Navigate To Task

In the URL, I read Account details from Context and set

  • regardingobjectid = Account GUID
  • regardingobjectidname = Account Name
  • regardingobjecttypecode = Schema Name





Exclude “navbar=off&cmdbar=false” from URL, if you want CRM tool bar on the new ‘Task’ form.


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Script error with navigate() statement while navigate between forms – CRM Jscript

September 12, 2015 Leave a comment

We have a Custom entity with 3 forms and the requirement is to navigate to a different form based on a field value .

So we registered a script on form ‘load’ event to navigate to a specific form based on an option set value.

Navigation worked as expected except few user’s that too when application should take User to ‘Form 2’.

Reason and Fix

  • We configured new Security Roles recently.
  • Our forms were role based and we missed enabling newly added “Security Role” for ‘Form 2’.
Role Based Forms - Account

Role Based Forms Screen

  • By enabling newly added Security Role for ‘Form 2’ script started working.


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