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Dynamics 365 – V9.0 – Multiselect option sets walk through

October 7, 2017 4 comments

In this article I am going to walk through the new field type “Multiselect Option set” from V9.0.

As the name suggests, “Multiselect Option set” will allow User to choose multiple choices.

In this walk through, I am going add a new ‘Multiselect Option Set’ called ‘Branches’ on ‘Account’ entity to capture the Account presence across the country.

  • Create a new field of type ‘Multiselect Option Set’ to the Account entity. I chose existing Global option set ‘City’ for this example. Create new Options, if you dont want to go with Global option set.

D365 - Multiple Optionset

  • Add this field on ‘Account’ main form and Publish the customizations.
  • Open any of the existing Account record and Select the Branches.

D365 - Multiple Optionset - on form

  • Add ‘Branches’ field to the view

D365 - Multiple Optionset - on view

  • Search in ‘Advanced Find’

D365 - Multiple Optionset - Adv Find 1

  • Fetchxml would form as below

D365 - Multiple Optionset - Adv Find Fectchxml

Key Points:

  • Multi-select option sets are available for Unified Interface and the web client.
  • Multi-select option sets are available for the following form types: Main, Quick Create, and Quick View.
  • Multi-select option sets won’t be supported on legacy forms.