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Task Flow – CRM 2016

April 16, 2016 4 comments
  • “Task Flow” is a new feature available with CRM 2016 online update and is currently on preview mode.
  • Task flows are targeted for phones or tablets.
  • You can configure set of steps, where user perform day to day and package that as a ‘Task Flow’.
  • “Task Flows” are somewhat similar to Dialog, which helps User with guided navigation of common tasks, but for Phone and Tablets.

In this article I am going to create a simple ‘Task Flow’ to capture Contact’s address along with a ‘Business Rule’.

Enable the preview feature:

  • Task flows are a preview feature in CRM Online 2016 Update. So we need to first enable the feature.
  • Go to Settings -> Administration -> System Settings -> Preview
  • Agree the License terms and select the preview feature.
Enable Previews

Enable Previews

  • After enabling ‘Task Flow’ feature, you will get a new ‘Business Process Type’, if you choose ‘Business Process Flow’.
New Business Type

New Business Type

Create Task Flow

  • Go to Settings -> Processes -> New -> ‘Business Process Flow’
  • Select “Business Process Type”, “Run process as a task flow (Mobile only)”
  • I selected entity as “Contact”
  • I named my Task Flow as “Contact Address Capture Task”
Task Flow - Create a Task Flow

Task Flow – Create a Task Flow

Configure your ‘Task Flow’

  • As I want to capture my Contact’s Address details, I configured my ‘Task Flow’ with below fields.
Task Flow - Configure Fields To Be Captured

Task Flow – Configure Fields To Be Captured

Configure ‘Business Rule’

  • I want ‘Phone number’ mandatory, if my Contact does not specify ‘City’.
  • So I configured the Business Rule as below
Task Flow - Business Rules

Task Flow – Business Rules

Save and Activate.

Check the ‘Task Flow’ on Mobile client

  • Open the ‘Dynamics CRM Application’ on Mobile
Mobile-Welcome Screen

Mobile-Welcome Screen

  • You find an Icon on left corner, which shows all the available ‘Task Flows’
Task Flow Process Icon

Task Flow Process Icon

  • Click on the Icon and choose the “Contact Address Capture Task”.
Pick Task Flow

Pick Task Flow

  • Since “Task Flow” was configured on ‘Contact’ entity, I got ‘Contact’ search screen.
Search Contact

Search Contact

  • I picked up the Contact which i want to update the Address details.
  • It shows up the fields I configured along with ‘Business Rule’ (‘Phone’ become Required since ‘City’ is blank)
Configured Address Task Flow

Configured Address Task Flow

  • I provided the details and click ‘Done’ to save the details.
Capture the details

Capture the details