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Limitations of CRM

September 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Below are few limitations of CRM I came across with workaround

  • Excel Export
    • You can only export 10000 records.
    • If you export more than 10,000 records, only the first 10,000 records are exported
    • Can be modified by updating the Organization record and setting the maxrecordsforexporttoexcel field


    • Refer full properties of Organization entity here
  • Data Import
    • CRM 2011 Online: single file must be less than 8MB
    • We can zip many files to one .zip file. This file has to be less than 32MB
    • On upload of the zip file, CRM 2011 unzip it on server and process the files individually, If the size of any single file is greater than 8MB, upload will fail
  • Sub-Grid’s On The Form
    • The first 4 sub-grids can be populated with data in a form when it loads
    • If more than 4 sub-grids on a form, the remaining sub-grids require some user or form script action to retrieve data
    • This limitation has gone with UR 12 and Polaris, now we can now add as many sub-grids to our form as we like and all sub-grids will now be loaded automatically
  • OData End Point Limitation
    • Setting Party list – We can’t set more than more than 1 partylist with Odata end point. Refer more from my article
    • Limit is 50 records per query
    • Arithmetic, datetime and math operators are not supported
    • “Order by” clause is only allowed on the root entity
    • $format and $inlinecount operators are not supported
  • Query Result Set Limit
    • Default is 5,000 records
    • There is a workaround to this limit by making Registry setting (How to)
  • Duplicate Detection Rules
    • There can be a maximum of 5 published duplicate detection rules for a particular base record type
  • Miscellaneous
    • In CRM 2011 online, we can only create maximum of 200 custom entities and 200 custom workflows

Here is the link for more limitations