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Found dependency records – Error while solution import in CRM 2011

November 19, 2012 Leave a comment

I was getting the error when I was importing Managed Solution on top of Unmanaged solution

Found 2 dependency records where unmanaged component is the parent of a managed component. First record (dependentcomponentobjectid = {}, type = AttributeMap, requiredcomponentobjectid = {}, type= EntityMap, solution = {})”

Interestingly, I did not get error when I imported Unmanaged solution


  • From the error message I understand error was with “Attribute Maps”
  • This error occur, If there is a custom mapping from an entity outside a managed solution to an entity inside a managed solution, which is not allowed


  • We have to delete existing AttributeMap from the customation.xml file as well as the CRM system
  • Follow resolution steps mentioned in Dynamics CRM Team Blog