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Power Apps Maker Portal | Create tables with Table hub and new designer

Have you noticed that the Tables in Maker portal got a new a hub view and designer?. If it looks familiar, hub view and designer was only available in Power Apps for Teams app before and now its available in Maker portal too.

Hub view and designer for a table features :

Following is the list of features.

  • Provides an overview of the table subcomponents (i.e., Columns, Forms, Views, Business rules, etc…) in a single view.
  • New columns can be created in-line with in the table as shown below.
  • Click on ‘Edit’ from above screen, will take you to a focused screen where you can Add Columns and Add Data.
  • With appropriate privileges data can be created and updated by using ‘Add data’ option.
  • Fill columns and tab out, the data gets auto saved.
  • Now we can generate an app starting from your table. This will allow you to quickly create and play the app in your browser.
  • Click on ‘Create’ will take you to ‘App Designer’, where you can further configure and Publish the App.
  • Now my favorite of the lot is the ‘Tools‘ menu, where we can directly navigate to Web API links of ‘Table Definition’ and ‘Table data’.



[PowerApps Portal (preview)] Build your first portal

August 10, 2019 1 comment

PowerApps Portalsprovides ability to build low-code, responsive websites which allow external users to interact with the data stored in the Common Data Service.

Refer article for introduction. PowerApps Portals are in Preview now and lets see how to get started with a simple portal.


Steps to build your first Portal:

  • Login to PowerApps maker Portal
  • Pick the right ‘Environment’. Refer ‘Notes’ section below to know more about ‘Environments’.
  • Click on ‘Portal from blank (preview)’ link.


  • In the pop-up, fill ‘Name’, ‘Address’ and ‘Language’ and click ‘Create’.


  • Portal provisioning takes time and you will be notified once done.


  • Post provisioning, click on ‘Edit’ which will redirect you to Portal editor.


  • You get pre configured ‘Home’ page and ‘Child Pages’.
  • To add a new Page,
    • Either click on ‘+New page’ from ribbon
    • Or Right Click , ‘Home’ and add a New Page.


  • I have added a new ‘Accounts’ page and filled the details on the right side ‘Component’ panel.
  • To create a new ‘Account’ form, click on ‘Form’ and choose Entity, Form and Mode from the ‘Component’ panel.


  • To add a new ‘Entity List’ control, click on ‘List’ and on the right hand side, select ‘Entity’ and ‘Views’
    • Note: In the screen below, I’ve added an existing ‘List’. The properties are same for new ‘List’ as well.


  • To map the Account ‘Form’ with ‘List’, set properties as below


  • At any point of time, to view the changes, click on  ‘Browse website’ on top right corner.
  • Home Screen


  • Accounts Screen



  • To use the Dynamics CE entities, you have to select the CE ‘Environment’ in your maker portal, before the start of Portal creation.
    • A ‘default’ environment gets created by default. If you pick ‘default’ environment, you will need to create a new Environment with CDS database.



New Environment

  • We can still create Portal from the ‘Dynamics Admin Center’.


  • PowerApps portal got ‘’ as domain and regular portal will be of ‘’ domain.


  • You can still create/update portal components (i.e., Entity List, Forms, Web Templates) from Dynamics web application.
  • Clear cache using ‘/_service\about‘ is still available in PowerApps portal.