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Machine hangs up when you put a ‘debugger;’ in jScript “OnChange” event

July 28, 2011 1 comment


While debugging a Jscript file ,Sometimes you may come across the situation where your machine gets hanged and it won’t even allow you start ‘Task Manager’ to kill the process.

 It happens, if you have the similar scenario

  • If you put a ‘debugger;’ command in ‘onChange’ event of Dropdown
  • If this is the only ‘debugger;’ command you put on the entire Jscript file
  • Enable script debugging in browser
  • Raise the ‘onChange’ event by changing dropdown value in the CRM Form


  • Always make sure to have one more ‘debugger;’ that called before hitting
    the ‘debugger;’ in ‘onChange’ event
  • Preferably always put a ‘debugger;’ in page ‘onLoad’ event when you
    want to debug the ‘onChange;’ event

Hope it helps 🙂