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SSIS – Read C# ‘List’ collection in ‘Execute SQL Task’

In one of our integration requirements, we had to read the ‘List<>’ collection values, which was set in ‘Script Task’ control and pass to ‘Execute SQL Task’ control.

In this article I am going to list out the step by step process to set and get the ‘List<>’.

Assume that you have a collection List<string> which holds ‘Product Names’

var listProducts  = new List<string>() {“Product1″, ” Product2″, ” Product3″};

Lets see how to loop through and read the ‘Product names’ and pass to ‘Execute SQL Task’.

Required SSIS components:

  • A SSIS ‘Variable’ (i.e., varProducts) of type ‘Object’ to set the ‘List<>’ object in ‘Script Task’ control


  • A SSIS ‘Variable’ (i.e., varProductName) of type ‘String’ to set the ‘Product Name’ for each List<> value.


  • ‘Foreach Loop container’ to parse and read the ‘List<>’


  • Choose ‘varProducts’ as ‘ReadWriteVariables’


  • In ‘ScriptTask’ set ‘listProduct’ object to ‘varProducts’ variable.
    • var listProducts  = new List<string>() {“Product1″, ” Product2″, ” Product3″};
    • Dts.Variables[“User:: varProducts”].Value = listProducts ;
  • In ‘Foreach Loop container’,
    • Choose ‘Enumerator’ as ‘Foreach From Variable Enumerator’
    • Enumerator Variable as ‘User:varProducts’


  • As the ‘List’ contain ‘Product Name’ collection, read the ‘Product Name’ to ‘varProductName’ variable. ‘Index’ 0 denotes, first value in collection (i.e., Product Name’.


  • As the final step, In ‘Execute SQL Task’, map the ‘varProductName’ variable to a ‘Parameter’.


  • In above screen, we are setting ‘@prodName’ parameter with ‘Product Name’ and ‘@prodName’ further used in ‘SQL Statement’ of ‘Execute SQL Task.


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