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ADX Portal – Forgot Password – ‘Invalid Party Object Type’ Error

February 21, 2020 2 comments

Few of our ADX portal users encountered an unhandled exception while resetting the Password using native ‘Forgot Password’ feature.



  • Its a sporadic issue only with few portal users.
  • When checked the ‘Event viewer’ logs on Portal’s web server, there was this following warning with ‘Invalid Party Object Type 9’ exception message.


  • In CRM, ‘Object Type 9’ denotes OOB ‘Team’ entity and the issue turns out to be with the ‘From’ field of ‘Send Password Reset To Contact‘ ADX process.
  • In our requirement, we were setting ‘From’ field of ‘Send Password Reset To Contact’ process to owner of the ‘Portal User’ (i.e.,Contact).
  • Portal user’s (i.e.,Contact) who owned by teams encountering this issue while triggering ‘Forgot Password’. As Email can’t be delivered when a ‘Team’ set as ‘From’.


  • Modified the ‘Send Password Reset To Contact‘ process by setting ‘From’ field to a ‘System User’ with Mail Box enabled. This made sure no ‘Team’ renders in ‘From’ field.