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Handling Tab click event in CRM 2011


We can fire our own Jscript function on CRM tab click. Below are the steps

 How to get ID of Crm Form Tab :-

  • Get the ID of the ‘Tab’, using IE browser Developer Tool (i.e., Click F12)  (See image above)

Code :-

  • Attach “onclick” event handler on page ‘OnLoad’ method

function Form_onload() {
//Attach ‘onclick’ event handler to “Tab”
var linkGeneral = document.getElementById(“tab0Tab”);   //’tab0Tab’ is the ID of ‘General tab’
if (linkGeneral) {
linkGeneral.attachEvent(“onclick”, tab_onclick);



Function tab_onclick(){

//This function fires on Tab Click;

//Write your code


Hope it helps 🙂