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Troubleshoot and Fix – Unable to access FTP folder error

September 12, 2018 Leave a comment

I was working on a POC/Prototype to read files from FTP location using console, for which I configured a FTP Site in my Windows 10 machine’s IIS.


FTP site connectivity worked fine till I switched my internet connectivity from LAN cable to WIFI, I started getting unable to access the FTP location error, when I access the FTP url from my console application.

Reason & Fix:

  • During the FTP web site configuration, we have to provide the “IP address:” which is specific to the machine.


  • When I switched from LAN to WIFI, my machine’s “IP address” has got changed.
  • Providing the correct “IP address” in ‘FTP web site’ binding solved the issue.
  • To check the “IP Address” of the machine
    • Open the ‘Command Prompt’
    • Execute ‘ipconfig‘ command
    • Copy the IP Address from “IPv4 Address”
    • Set the copied IPv4 Address in ‘FTP web site’ binding in IIS.


Refer this article on how to set up FTP website.