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Complete a transaction and throw exception in CRM Plug-in

July 31, 2016 3 comments

Recently I was asked a question in my blog on how to achieve below scenario in plug-in.

  • User try to save Account record by providing data in multiple fields.
  • Create Plug-in should check whether any other Account already exists in CRM with provided data.
  • If match found, update the existing record and display “Cannot save the Account as Account with data already exists”
  • If no match found, create an Account.


  • If ‘Account’ match found, system should update matched Account and at the same time throw message “Cannot save the Account as Account with data already exists”.
  • To display message Plugin must throw Execution with message which would roll back the update operation.

Proposed Design:

  • Register a Plug-in on “PreCreateAccount” with following logic, if matching ‘Account’ already exists with input data.
  • To complete update operation,
    • Use “ExecuteMultipleRequest” with option “ContinueOnError = true” which completes transaction.
    • Instantiate ‘UpdateRequest’ and execute using “ExecuteMultipleRequest”
  • In next line, throw exception with message

Plug-in Code:

// Get the matched Account
Entity matchedAccount = new Entity(“account”);
UpdateRequest reqUpdate = new UpdateRequest();
reqUpdate.Target = matchedAccount;

// Use this to complete the update operation even on an exception
ExecuteMultipleRequest reqMultiple = new ExecuteMultipleRequest(){
Requests = new OrganizationRequestCollection(),
Settings = new ExecuteMultipleSettings(){
ContinueOnError = true,
ReturnResponses = false

// Add Update Request to Multiple Request.

// Trigger the Execute Multiple.

// Use this to display message to user
throw InvalidPluginExecutionException(“Cannot save the Account as Account with data already exists”);


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