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Dataverse | Solution Import Error | Environment variable value cannot be an empty string

If you are unversed with ‘Environment Variables’, first understand by going through the Environment Variables Overview.

Coming to the intent of the article, I’ve encountered Environment variable value cannot be an empty string error while importing a Solution using pac solution import command along with a Settings file.

Reason and Fix:

  • Reason for the issue is straightforward. In my settings-file , I’ve an ‘Environment Variable’ with a ‘SchemaName’ ‘cat_CompanyName’ which has a blank value in the ‘Value’ field..
  • When used this Settings file in pac solution import , import failed with Environment variable value cannot be an empty string error.
  • Fix is that, you can’t pass empty string in the ‘Value’ tag of ‘EnvironmentVariables’ in settings-file.
  • Update the Settings file by providing a value in ‘Value’ tag.
  • Retry the import and it should work now.


  • I did not face this issue, while setting a blank ‘Environment Variable Value’ from Maker portal and imported to my target environment.
  • Below is my DEV environment, where the ‘Environment Variable Value’ is blank.
  • I’ve exported the Solution and imported to target with no errors. Below is how ‘Environment Variable Value’ looks in Target environment post import.