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Duplicate detection functionality in CRM 2013

In CRM 2013, Duplicate record detection feature on create/update form has been removed due to the ‘Auto Save‘ functionality, which saves the form frequently.

Below are the 2 ways we can bring back the functionality.

Solution provided in CRM 2013 SDK 

  • In SDK there is a recommend approach to enable the duplicate detection feature on a required entity Create\Update form.
  • Download the CRM 2013 SDK, navigate toSDK\SampleCode\JS\DuplicateDetection\ReadMe.docx” document to get more information.
  • Here is an useful article with screen shots on the same.

Note –

  • We might need to disable your ‘autosave’, otherwise ‘autosave’ keeps triggering the duplicate detection
  • Refer this article how to skip autosave on onload or onsave.

CRM 2013 Duplicate Detection tool codeplex

  • There is a solution on codeplex which gives you the duplication detection functionality.
  • Download


Entity was not appearing in “Base Record Type” dropdown while creating ‘Duplicate Detection Rule’

  • In one of my requirement, I had to create a ‘Duplicate Detection Rule’ on my custom entity ‘Policy’.
  • So to create the ‘Duplicate Detection Rule’, I opened a new ‘Duplicate Detection Rule’ form (i.e., Navigated to “Settings –> Data Management –> Duplicate Detection Rules –> New”)
  • I then tried to choose “Policy” as “Base Record Type”, but to my surprise I did not find the “Policy” entity in the “Base Record Type” options list
Duplicate Detection Rule - Base Record Type Dropdown

Duplicate Detection Rule – Base Record Type Dropdown

Reason & Fix

  • To find the reason,  I verified ‘Policy’ entity customizations
  • There I observed “Duplicate detection” checkbox was unchecked, under ‘Data Services’ section
Duplicate Detection Option

Duplicate Detection Option

  • I checked the “Duplicate detection” checkbox and Save &  Published to get the ‘Policy’ entity name option in ‘Base Record Type’ dropdown of ‘Duplicate Detection Rule’