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Power Platform Tools | Developer Toolkit for Visual Studio 2019

September 1, 2021 4 comments

Power Platform Tools for Visual Studio supports the rapid creation, debugging, and deployment of plug-ins.

You may note that Power Platform Tools for Visual Studio is similar in appearance and function to the Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.

While Power Platform Tools for Visual Studio is similar in appearance and function to the Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, Power Platform Tools is a new product and completely independent of the Developer Toolkit.

Power Platform Tools is not directly compatible with any templates or projects from the Developer Toolkit and vice versa.

Steps to enable ‘Power Platform Tools’ extension in VS 2019:

  • From the Visual Studio 2019, click on ‘Extensions -> Manage Extensions’.
  • Expand the left navigation panel node Online > Visual Studio Marketplace. Search for “Power Platform Tools”, then click on ‘Download’.
  • Post Download, close all the Visual Studio instances and wait for few seconds, you would get below installer screen.
  • Click ‘Modify’ and complete the installation.
  • Post installation, open the Visual Studio and initiate ‘Create New Project’.
  • You should find ‘New Visual Studio Solution Template for Dynamics 365’ solution template.
  • Provide Project Name and click ‘Create’ which will open up the familiar ‘Developer Toolkit’.
  • After installing Power Platform Tools, you will not find any Power Platform Tools related menu items or views in the Visual Studio user interface until you create or load a Visual Studio solution that contains at least one project created from a Power Platform Tools template.

Refer Microsoft docs for detailed steps to install Power Platform Tools on Visual Studio.


Missing ‘Connect to Dynamics CRM Server’ from visual studio solution

August 6, 2014 2 comments

I recently created a new Visual studio solution using Dynamics CRM 2013 Template.

Dynamics CRM 2013 Template

Dynamics CRM 2013 Template

So I get “Connect to Dynamics CRM Server” window whenever I open the solution, which allows me to connect my CRM Organization.

Connect to Dynamics CRM Server

Connect to Dynamics CRM Server

Later I added a new “Class Library” project to my solution.

Now surprisingly when I open the solution, I am not getting “Connect to Dynamics CRM Server” window also from ‘Tools’ Menu.


  • I opened my solution file (.sln) using notepad and observed below ‘Global Section’ is missing and overridden by newly added Project details.

GlobalSection(CRMSolutionProperties) = preSolution

SolutionIsBoundToCRM = True



  • Add the ‘Global Section’ back to solution file using Notepad and Save it.

Global Section

Global Section


CRM Developer Toolkit for Visual Studio 2013

There is no release of CRM Developer Toolkit for VS 2013.

However by hacking the CRM Developer toolkit for VS 2012 we can get Developer Toolkit work for VS 2013.

Refer steps mentioned in this article.


Creating a plug-in on SavedQuery entity using CRM developer toolkit

August 13, 2012 3 comments

In one of my requirement I have to create a plugin on “SavedQuery” entity to filter the views

I was using CRM developer toolkit and when I open the “CRM Explorer” I did not find “SavedQuery” entity

Later I came to know that “CRM Explorer” show entities by ‘Display Name’ and there was entity with name ‘View’ for ‘SavedQuery’

SavedQuery in Developer Toolkit

SavedQuery in Developer Toolkit

Thought of sharing this though its simple observation